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02 Jun Spiceworks – It’s everything IT

IT’s Going Orange.

The story of how we got here.

6 years. 2 million IT pros. 1,000 tech advertisers….what started as “the free IT” revolution has turned into a way of life for many. The IT world’s gone orange! “Orange?” you ask. Yep, orange – as in Spiceworks orange.

Every day, in every country around the world, IT pros use Spiceworks to do their jobs and learn about the products and services they need to keep their companies humming along. Making Spiceworks the fastest growing and most widely used network management app in history.

Here’s how IT all went down…and went orange!

The “Spark”

They came. They saw. They listened. After in-person visits to the often unsung IT pros in small and medium sized businesses, our co-founders had a vision: build an easy-to-use software app that simplifies the life of IT pros…kinda’ like an ‘iTunes for IT.’ Oh, and make it free. After all, if it worked for Google in the consumer world, why not give it a go in the business world?

The Name

So why Spiceworks? Well, in January 2006 the IT management market was pretty boring. When we asked IT pros to name their favorite IT utility they gave us a blank stare. Then proceeded to complain that IT products were pricey and painful to use…and that the companies building them were a bit “blah.” It was clear we needed to “spice IT up!” So we took that inspiration, combined it with our mission to deliver an app that “just works” and the notion of people working together on software…and voilà – the name “Spiceworks” was born!

The Momentum

Spiceworks beta went live in July 2006. Six months later, an IT pro in every single country of the world had installed Spiceworks. Fast forward to today, and over 2000 – yes two thousand! -new IT pros choose Spiceworks each day to do their jobs. Plus, we’ve been referred to as everything from “the Facebook for IT pros” by TechCrunch to “the future of media” by Forbes. All in less than 6 years!

The Mighty Million

With over 2 million IT pros and growing the Spiceworks community is a force to be reckoned with! They call themselves SpiceHeads…wear Spiceworks gear proudly, hail a fierce yet friendly orange T-Rex (affectionately named “SpiceRex”) as their mascot…and command attention from leading tech companies and IT luminaries alike….Rawr!

The Love

Some ask “where is the love?” We at Spiceworks already know – because we’re reminded daily that it’s right here with our loyal 2 million users! We’ve never before seen a bunch of left-brained techies use the word “love” so much. About everything from our product and support to our team and wacky ideas! And know what? We love that! But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what users say about us. »

The Partners

Over 1,000 tech advertisers have tapped Spiceworks as a way to connect with and sell to SMB IT pros. Leading brands like Dell, Google and Rackspace have even integrated their offerings directly into Spiceworks. Add to that venture capital backing from the likes of Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and IVP (who funded Twitter!)…and we feel pretty darn good about our all-star lineup we have collaborating to help keep the “free IT” revolution going strong.

The Team

No one joins our team just because they want a job. They join because they want to work at Spiceworks. They want to wake up every day inspired to know that what they do – and the unique way they do it – makes a difference. Areal difference. How? By truly changing how an IT pro gets their work done and making each day a bit easier for them then it used to be.

Sure, it may sound hokie to some, but it’s what makes our team tick…and inspires us to keep on spicin’ IT up, making the product even better…and having plenty of fun in the process!

The Future

With over 25% of the world’s SMB IT pros and over 1,000 IT brands already in Spiceworks…where do we go from here? We keep on keepin’ on! Keep on simplifying the workday for IT pros everywhere – by developing the features they need to do their day-to-day duties, new ways to connect with other IT pros and vendors… and new avenues to learn about the products and services they need to do their jobs better, faster, smarter.

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