Office 365

All the benefits of an enterprise-level solution, without the cost or hassle.

Reliable and affordable email solutions are no doubt a necessity for a business of any size. But how does a small business reap all the benefits of their own email server without all the costly equipment and maintenance? The answer is Microsoft Office 365 with StepUpTechnology.


Why Microsoft Office 365 with StepUpTechnology?

StepUpTechnology supports Microsoft Office 365, which offers you all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office without the cumbersome and expensive cost of managing your own Exchange server.


Microsoft Office 365

  • Access files anywhere—online or offline
  • Get monthly security updates & feature releases
  • Use the web version of Office—with rich features
  • Integration with your preferred handheld device/mobile phone
  • Full access to your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks over the web
  • Virus and spam-filtering included
  • Unlimited mailbox storage
  • No servers or software to manage!
  • No long-term contracts!


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