Carbonite has your back…

06 Dec Carbonite has your back…

Designed to back you up and never slow you down.

  • Gets you started in minutes

    With Carbonite there’s no hardware to buy, no cables to connect, no technician to call, no training required. Just install the Carbonite data backup software and invite your team to do the same. Installation is fast and easy and you don’t even have to restart your computer or close anything you’re working on. Learn more

  • Backs up while you work

    Once installed, Carbonite starts backing up automatically, in the background, while you and your team go back to work. And it keeps backing up each computer, continually, whenever the computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Gives you total insight and control

    A simple browser-based dashboard lets you check the backup status for everyone’s computers, invite new users, monitor your company’s backup storage level, and purchase additional storage if needed.

  • Makes restoring files easy and fast

    With just a few mouse clicks, Carbonite restores any backed up file to the proper place on your computer. If a hard drive fails, Carbonite can restore files over the Internet to a new drive. If you lose Internet access, and need to recover mission-critical data, you can have your files shipped to you on a portable hard drive.

  • Provides anytime, anywhere access
    to backed up files

    Users can open any file in their backup from any computer connected to the Internet or from an iPhone®, iPad®, Android, or BlackBerry® device using our FREE mobile apps.


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