Is it safe to surf the web?

16 Dec Is it safe to surf the web?

The answer is…it depends. Depends on where you go and which browser you use to get there. According to a recent article by Cliff Boodoosingh,

Accuvant Survey Finds Chrome is Most Secure Browser

As many of you know, experts say the first line of security is the Web browser. So which browser of the top three is the most secure?

Security firm Accuvant, assigned their research team to extensively test and compare Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer across several security parameters to determine the answer.

Chris Valasek, Accuvant LABS senior research scientist discusses the research set-up: We compared Web browsers from a layered perspective, taking into account security architecture and anti-exploitation techniques. Like antivirus or anti-malware software, each provides an additional layer of defense. This methodology requires a greater depth of technical expertise than statistical analysis of vulnerabilities, and also provides a more accurate window into the security of each browser.

The Browser Security Comparison: A Quantitative Approach study found that across five key characteristics including vulnerability patching, safe browsing API, sandboxing, JIT hardening, and plug-in architecture, Chrome offered a first-rate implementation.

The conclusion was that Google Chrome is the browser that is most secured against attack with Internet Explorer second best and Firefox third.

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