Google makes calling easy…

05 Dec Google makes calling easy…

With Google Voice and Hangouts you can make calls to any landline or mobile number from your computer.

To place a call to a phone number in Gmail after installing the voice and video chat plug-in just follow the steps below. If you’d like to make a voice or video call from one computer to another, follow these instructions.

To place a call to a landline or wireless phone number:

  1. In your chat list, click the Call phone link
  2. In the resulting Call window, dial the number you wish to call (you can use your mouse or your keyboard’s number pad)
  3. Click the Call button

If you have Google Voice number linked to your Gmail account, your Google number will display when you make outgoing phone calls. If your Google Voice account isn’t linked to a Gmail account, a generic number will display as the Caller ID.


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