Superior expertise

StepUp Technology representatives are “plugged in” to the industry. IT is our core competency. Training and research happens on a daily basis. We don’t want to imply that we know everything about IT, but when we need answers, we know where to look for help. With every day that passes our knowledge and experience grows…enhancing our ability to support your operation.

Increased productivity

Technology is supposed to improve efficiencies and save time. But, this only happens if you
utilize the technology you have or invest in the right technology to get the job done. StepUp Technology can help you get the most of your technology investment. With proper training, your workers will realize true efficiencies, and with some effort, your network will become faster and more reliable (less downtime).

Lower “total cost of ownership”

Total cost of ownership includes all of the hidden costs involved in running a business. The saying “time is money” is very true in today’s economy. The idea is to get more return from your investment.

We cannot do anything about the fixed costs. However, we can help you realize more from your technology investment and find ways to lower the cost of doing business in specific areas of your operation.

StepUp Technology will work closely with you to get a better understanding of how your business operates, and then make adjustments in IT to enhance your company’s workflow. The end result is an improved “bottom line.”

Better understanding of business technology

Nobody knows your business better than you do. But unless your business is IT, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the rapidly changing technology landscape. You need a trusted advisor to help you understand what really happens “behind
the curtain.”

StepUp Technology can take the complexity out of IT and explain how things work in layman terms. You will know the location of your critical data, understand how information flows throughout your network, and feel confident that your data is secure.

Data protection and management

When we say data we are speaking of the intellectual information generated as the result of doing business. This includes your accounting information, business correspondence, contacts and sales information, client records, office forms, and much more. When this information is in paper form it usually resides on your desk or in a file cabinet. Your computer network is really a virtual file cabinet. You should manage your virtual data the way you manage the hardcopy files. Decide who gets the keys to which cabinet, decide what data should be archived, and have a plan in case of the unforeseen.

StepUp Technology can take the mystery out of data management and help you develop a plan for proper data protection and management. Your data is the most important part of your technology. You cannot afford to lose it.

Less down-time

When systems are down, business suffers. If equipment fails for any reason you will experience a loss in productivity.

Things happen…the key is having a plan to minimize the effect these situations have on your operation. StepUp Technology uses sophisticated IT tools to monitor and manage your equipment remotely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We generally know about problems before our clients do, and we resolve most of these problems before they impede workflow.

Proactive planning and network design is an integral aspect of how we help manage your IT. You will have the confidence that your systems are in good hands.


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